Calling Yonex experts ... transition from DR 98


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Where’s that rye guy who is the worlds biggest cheerleader for the ezone 98? I wonder what he will recommend

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I'd be surprised if he picks the 100 it's too much of a clunky tweener for him. He is an open level advanced player. Maybe the 98 modded or prince 97 twist


Im expecting him to go with the ezone 98, but maybe he should try the vcore 98 and the radical pro too.


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Wonder if he switches to 100 he also lowers his strung weight otherwise I see no point of switch. Perhaps if he wants a stiffer ezone but coming from Dr why would he


We JUST filmed a video as well as recorded a podcast with a long-time DR 98 user and gave him a bunch of racquets to demo and talk through...he narrowed it down to 3 and then chose one...I can't give it away, but might be fun for some of you to check out since I know that racquet has quite the following!

Stay tuned!
Michelle, TW
That's very smart, well done for doing this


the dr98 feel is pretty unique. Looks like Andy has made the switch and I have one dr98 left. I will ask for a demo and try again hopefully I can find new hope.