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I used to average 4500 calories per day and I was gaining too much weight. I recently started a diet and I'll give you the breakdown below. I only had 1 bad day on this diet and I haven't stumbled since day 2. Water isn't written in because I have it with every meal and I'm averaging 2.5 liters daily.

Thu. 5/21/09

2 bananas (160), Lettuce w/vinegar and lemon juice, rice and ground chicken (small portion) (500), cranberry juice (200). 900 KCal by 10 AM. Banana and a Yoo hoo 260, rice and gc again 700. 1860 by 3 PM. Goldfish crackers, fig newtons, swiss cheese, yoo hoo, banana for a total of 700. 2520 total by midnight.

Fri. 5/22

Swiss cheese, goldfish crackers, and cranberry juice (500) by 1 AM. 2 Yoo hoos (360), banana (80), cranberry juice (200), rice and steak (700.) 1840 before 11 AM. CJ 100, oj 50, yoo hoo 180, banana 80, goldfish and swiss 300. 2550 by 2 PM. 1100 smorg dinner. 3600 by day's end.

Sat. 5/23

Swiss, rice, goldfish, cj, yoo hoo (800) by 3 AM. 2 grilled swiss on wheat bread, CJ (850). 1650 by 12 PM. Rice, ox tail, shrimp and tomato juice (830). 2480 total.

Sun. 5/24

2 slices pizza and rice (800) by 1 AM. Another slice pizza, CJ 350 at 3 AM. 2 slices, 1 wheat bread, OJ 700 at 9:30 AM. 1850 so far. Rice, ox tail, shrimp, chicken wings 850 at 6 PM. 2700 total.

Mon. 5/25

2 slices pizza, 2 slices wheat bread, 1 cup OJ 800 by 2 AM. 1 more slice pizza w/wheat bread (340) OJ (60) 1200 by 11 AM. Turkey burger w/steak fries and blue cheese dressing, seltzer (1000). 2200 by day's end.

Tue. 5/26

1 small bag of Munchos (200). 1 can of tuna, 3 slices wheat (500), 2 fig newtons (100). 900 by noon. 2 turkey dogs (200) on 2 wheat (180), CJ (300). 1580 by 3 PM. CJ 300, Rice and ground chicken 500. 2280 by day's end.

Wed. 5/27

Rice and ground chicken (800), CJ (300). 1100 by 2 AM. Rice and turkey bacon (500), CJ (70). 1670 by 10 AM. Tuna on wheat (400), CJ (140). 2210 by 3 PM. 2 turkey dogs on wheat bread (400), 2 fig newtons (100). 2710 by 10 PM.
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wow. 4500 calories a day !

i read that when kirstie alley was losing the weight, jenny craig only let her consume 1400 calories a day and she also had to do a lot of exercise.


Even with the bad day, my average still comes out to over 2600. That's a huge cut for me and I've dropped 4 lbs. in a week. I have no illusions about the weight being all bodyfat. I know it's mostly water so I don't judge by the scale. I'm checking how my clothes fit me and I'm glad to say that they're getting looser already. 1400 would be way too big a drop so I'm sticking with my mid 2000s plan and will not taper off until I reach a plateau. That leaves me a much bigger margin to work with than Kirstie had because my next drop in calories would be 2100 or so which is still 700 more than Kirstie was allowed. It's better to taper off slowly than to drastically cut calories all at once.
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Jim A

interesting to see your take Rickson, good luck with it
agreed that too many people drop cal's too quickly when they need to settle into habits that can lead to change


Thanks, Jim. You'll notice there's no pork on the list. I never eat pork and rarely eat red meat. I may cut beef out altogether too.


I get my fiber from wheat bread. I usually have romaine lettuce, but my refrigerator is on instant freeze mode and I can't seem to fix it. I am allergic to many fruits so you'll never see apples, peaches, plums, or pears on my list.


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Good luck mate. Are you allergic to vegetables or something?!!
Really! Except for bananas and a bit of juice, don't see a lot of fruit either. Missing out on good sources of pectin and other fiber as well as a host of phytochemicals. A lot of these phytonutrients are probably very important even tho' there are not yet any RDA/RDI's established for them. Probably a lot of these have not even been studied much or even identified yet in some cases.

wow. 4500 calories a day !

i read that when kirstie alley was losing the weight, jenny craig only let her consume 1400 calories a day and she also had to do a lot of exercise.
4500 calories is not that hard to fathom. 20 yrs ago (in my mid-to-late 30s), I was consuming & burning upwards of 6000 calories/day on a regular basis. About that time, I met a couple of Olympic-calibre synchronized swimmers. I am certain that one of these girls was easily burining more than 8000+ calories. I've read from several sources that Michael Phelps was downing an incredibel 12,000 calories per day.


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Rickson, you won't have any trouble at all doing a nice steady cut averaging 2600 calories a day. Just keep at it, and better take some before pics for yourself or you will be sorry 25 lbs. from now.