Camila Giorgi!


Had the pleasure of helping out with and photographing a ITF Challenger tournament this spring and saw her she has won 6 matches in a row and is in the 4th round of Wimbledon! You go girl!

The tournament was my first and great fun and tennis, these girls really want it and most of them were a nice as can be...


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I saw her play last year at a $25K women's tournament and she stood out to me because all the matches looked exactly the same with endless baseline rallies. She, on the other hand, was attacking and coming forward as soon as she got the mid court or short ball and was trying to end the point at the net. It was so different that I made sure to find out her name. Now she's in the fourth round of Wimbledon. Attacking tennis wins on grass. Good luck to her.


The color settings on your camera / post processing stage seem a bit off....
They are pretty accurate (based on memory) on my monitor, just bumped the saturation up a bit and added a little vignette to focus on Camila. I need one of those $10,000 F2.8 lenses so I can throw all those people in the stands out of focus...


First time seeing her play against Petrova, what a fun player to watch. When she hit that flying backhand volley winner, I became a fan.


I thought she was just one of those cute faces that rank below 200s forever (first saw her photos in the best leg thread :oops:). Now after watching her last two matches, I realized she has great potentials and raw talents. I also love the fact that she showed zero emotion on the court (unlike those cry babies on the WTA). I hope she does well in the future. However, she seems to be one of the many daddy's girls on the tour (i.e., eccentric father as coach). Hopefully, a real coach can step in.

OT, she reminds me of JonBenet Ramsey.