Can 2 different string packs be hybrided on 2 rackets?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by RickD, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. RickD

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    I have 2 different types of 40ft string that I'm wanting to use together as a hybrid. Can a stringer use both packs for 2 rackets? Or is there not enough of one of the strings for the second racket? (If you understand my question)
  2. me is bored

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    Dec 24, 2006
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    yes it should, cuz the babolat half sets are 21 ft long and they have some cut off when u string them (more than a foot) but it also depends what size ur racket is...if u use a mid ormidplus then ur defenitely set to go, but if u use oversize it might be a little bit of a risk. just try cuz i think itll work and tell us how it goes =]
  3. tennisdarren

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    Apr 17, 2006
    The short answer is yes. However, you must take in to account the length of string both racquets require. As long as your sticks don't need greater that 20 ft. on either mains or crosses you will be fine, and make sure that your frames can be strung 2 piece or you risk damage to the frame.

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  4. SFrazeur

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    Mar 26, 2006
    Also, do not forget string density; a n6.1 mid (90 inches) with an 16x19 string pattern is going to take less string than a Prestige mid(89.5 inches) with an 18x20 string pattern.
  5. snoflewis

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    Aug 3, 2006
    you have it the other way around. all frames can be strung two piece, but not all frames can be strung with the traditional one piece method.

    to the OP, also keep in mind it depends on what kind of machine you're using. a linear gripper requires less string than a rotational gripper.
  6. RickD

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    Crap, totally forgot to mention the racket sizes until you said something about it, "me is bored". Unfortunately they are both OS. One is a Wilson n4 111 OS while the other is a Wilson n5 Force 110 OS.
  7. SteveI

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    Feb 19, 2004

    Should still work and not be a problem. Yes they can be done 2 piece... :). BTW... most of the time..a string pack that is listed as 40 feet is really at least 41-42 feet.. I have seen it as high as 44 feet.

    n4 - 20 feet x 17 feet
    n5 - 20 feet x 18 feet

    Ref - Wilson Stringing Instructions -

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