Can anyone beat or even equal this slam prediction percentage?


I don't think so. Check out my history....


Frog Open:

Called before play even started.

Wuppy said:
It'll be Jojo vs Fed -- Jojo will win. It'll be whoever beats Murray vs. Nadal -- Nadal will win. Then Nadal will beat Jojo in the final.
(Jojo of course being Djokovic.) Came to pass exactly as I called it.



Called during quarterfinals.

Wuppy said:
I'm calling Fed vs Murr in final, Fed wins, regains #1 spot, ties Sampras for most weeks at #1.
Exactly as I called it.


I'll gladly make predictions for the US Open in the next couple of months. For a fee I will share those predictions with users here before I broadcast them to the world. Stay tuned. :)


Mr Newlife can give you a run for your money, I reckon.

imagine that. him harassing the Great Bookies in the Skies.


Now would be a good time to tell us who's going to get gold/silver/bronze at the Olympics.

Oh, and who will win the US Open while you're at it. :)