Can anyone name another athlethe in any sport, that is as physical as tennis, who played on such high level as Federer did at age of (almost) 38

Tom Brady
Brady is basically like a pitcher in baseball, he was never athletic in the ways you have to be to play something like basketball, soccer, probably hockey etc IMO. He just stands back there and throws much like a pitcher or even a boxer throwing punches.

I think John Stockton.....

Jordan was still about a top 20 player when he was 38-40. I think that's one of the more obvious examples. Him or Malone or Stockton or Kareem. Honestly John Stockton was the most near his pime PER at 38 to 40 as any of them which is crazy for a small PG to age like that. His Peak Player Eff Rating was like 24 and he was still at like 21 his last year at 40 years old which is nuts and still All Star Level per minute stats. Jordan and Malone were lower and not near their peaks at all. Probably like Steve Nash the most smarts can carry you as a point guard, but hey you still have to guard other players which Stockton did well too.

I think when you look at basketball at the end of the Malone, Jordan, Stockton era from the time they were 35 to 40 was pretty weak though similar in a way to what Tennis basically missing a generation that allowed all these oldsters to hang on and play at a higher level.


Call me biased , I find the physicality involved in Tennis much higher than what is needed for a quarterback in football or someone playing basketball , cricket and golf
This. Except basketball, lateral quickness, leaping ability, and physicality against physicality (offense vs defense) is extremely important. I would say it's a sport more demanding of a good player to be a higher level athlete than tennis.