Can finally hit a great serve but it causes back pain. What can I do?


Not sure if I should post this here or the health/fitness section.

Basically I figured out how to hit a great serve that has a ton of pace and is more reliable than my normal 1st serve. No one I've played at 4.0 or even the tennis pro I hit with can do much returning it. During my 4.0 league matches I was able to get a bunch of aces, missed or easy sitter returns. Feels like it's 50% faster than my regular serve and I'm serving like college player.

The problem is it hurts my back. Specifically my right lat (I'm right handed). I didn't hit any of them for close to a month and when I tried it again it started to feel sore after just a couple serves. It's so frustrating to know I can hit this serve, but not be able to use it.

Basically what I'm doing is making sure I have a really great shoulder turn, like I'm a pitcher winding up and get my back to the opponent before uncoiling. Then I try and time my leg drive so I'm going down and up quickly before contact.

I just hit a few serves and played a tiebreak serving like that and it feels a bit sore now. Do you think if I work on strengthening my back with pull ups or weights I could use this serve without getting hurt? Or should I try just hitting a couple serves like this whenever I play and maybe that would strengthen it since my body isn't used to it? Or could it just be a motion that puts too much stress on the body and I shouldn't use it?

I'd really like to be able to serve like that all the time without pain.

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I can hit Nadal's forehand but I lose 1 day of life expectancy every time I hit it... What should I do ?

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If you have pain from any new stroke, stop immediately. If something has a tear, its strength is gone and the tear is likely to tear more, especially if tennis caused it. We are all familiar with how tears progress.

You should identify the area of the pain. The lat is a large muscle and the lat originates on many bone locations on the back of the body. Which one if pain is at an attachment? What else could it be, a bursa?


lat attachments pictures

back pain lat pictures

Back pain pictures

??where?? pain pictures

tennis serve back pain pictures

tennis serve lat pain

You can click on the picture and go to the website with the picture.

Look at high speed videos of high level serves. You might look in the mirror while viewing a slow motion serve in 0.25X Youtube playback speed and in loop mode.

Search for tennis injuries involving all possible tissues from the location of the pain.

There are many muscles around each scapula and it would be hard to tell if that was a lat pain or scapular pain.

When you have no pain and serve again get lessons and take a video of what you are doing.
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