Can I get some help for college?

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    Hey, I'm about to become 15 in a month and I'm going to be a high school sophmore in the fall. I probably should start looking at some schools, right? (Don't answer that.) My question is: what schools would take a player that hasn't had any tournament experience? I was stuck as a reserve last year on my tennis team but I'm projected as a high doubles/low singles player next year.

    I'm not looking for a D1 scholarship, but my family has 5 kids in it and one's already in a small local college, so I need all the help I can get for a school. I had alright grades in freshman year but struggled with math and science. It was a tough year though, with the passing of my grandma. My mom was gone until around 7 almost every day and my dad usually comes home late anyway. I was trying to run the house and keep my schoolwork together, so last year was rough.

    I guess I'm just really worried about my future. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do in life. I'm around a 3.5-4.0 NTRP, but that's because I couldn't train a lot last year. I would like a school that would give me a partial ride (25% would be amazing) with a broad range of degrees. I plan to get mostly A's and maybe a B+ here and there. I don't mind where the school is in US.

    If you could help me out I would be so grateful. Thanks.
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    asked & answered many times

    I don't mean to be cruel, but this quesiton has been asked & answered many times. Sometimes people don't even answer these posts, because we're tired of giving the same responses.

    Take a look at some of the previous posts. Drill them down & read, read, read.

    Essentially, yes, you need to play USTA tournaments. Yes, good grades will help you get in & get academic scholarships. Coaches aka recruiters need to be able to compare your wins/losses against other kids, approximately 3000 other kids. So play the tournaments that you can get some wins in & some that are real challenging. Definitely play local tournaments & always play doubles. Some kids get into college because of their dubs performance.

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