I am a huggggge nalbandian fan and would love to see him beat coria even though coria is like my 3rd favourite player.

i just love the grit he shows out there its great to see him in the 1/4's first tournament back.

go nalbandian.

i think coria in 3 but sadly
Coria will probably win. This could be great though. I'm looking at Coria vs. Safin, that could be dynamite. Although I think Coria would win, with how good Safin can be, it could be insane. If Nalbandian wins and plays Safin, then Safin will beat him.

I want Nalbandian to beat Coria though, but I highly doubt it will happen. I like em both a lot, so it'll be good either way, just a lot cooler if Bandy won.