Can Someone Explain the ATP World Tour Final Point System To Me

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by winstonplum, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. winstonplum

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    May 14, 2010
    I pretty much understand how the 52-week rolling ranking system, but I'm still a little confused about the "race to London." How did Nole get ahead of Federer? Isn't Federer still ranked number one in the world? Right, then why why does Nole have such a big lead in the race to London? They both have one slam, Fed's got one more MS 1000? Is it just that Nole has two slam finals? That Fed he flamed out in Miami? Are there any number crunchers that can weigh in?

    Also, so the way I understand it is that the only thing that counts for 2012 is everything in 2012 plus 2011 DC finals. So if Fed takes Shanghai or Bercy, the WTF itself could decide the YE number 1, right? Because unlike the other tournaments, it doesn't stay on the "books" right through the tournament happening the next year. I'm assuming that's why Fed, while currently ranked number one, will take a big hit after Bercy, because his WTF win from last year will fall off.

    I don't know. Just thinking out loud. Let me know if I've missed any salient points.
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    Djokovic has more points so far this year. Federer is #1 in the past 12 months. Novak is #1 this calendar year so far.
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    The "Race to London" is the points accumulated since the beginning of the year (January 2012). They aren't published until around this time of year, because they're only relevant for year-end number 1 (when the season is over after DC, race=official). Djokovic is about 1000pts ahead of Federer in the race because he has accumulated more pts since January. His slam finals definitely contribute to that, along with Fed skipping Toronto, etc. The reason Fed is no. 1 right now is because he outperformed Djokovic by about 2400pts in October/November of last year, which the Race to London currently leaves out.
  4. Zildite

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    I think the race is easier to understand, actually. The race points stack up this way:


    Slams = 5120 for W, 2xF and SF
    Masters = 4340 for 2xW, 3xF, S and Q
    500 and others = 950 for Olympics, 2xS


    Slams = 3800 for W, 2xS and Q
    Masters = 3405 for 3xW, S, R32
    500 and others = 1715 for Olympics, 2xW, F(500), F, S(250) and DC
    (I added 5 points somewhere for Fed and dropped 10 for Djokovic apparently but can’t tell where at the moment)

    So Dkokovic got the lead through slams (more finals and semi) and masters (won Canada instead of skipping it, played Monte Carlo plus no early losses).
    Feds great run near the end of 2011 is helping his ranking stay at number 1 now, but he is about to defend that.
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