Can someone please walk me through this?

Discussion in 'Adult League & Tournament Talk' started by Caloi, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Caloi

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    Mar 18, 2008
    [Talk to me like I'm a five year old if you have to.]:)

    I want to play in a tournament this summer. However, I am not a USTA member.

    I play in a local ladder leage (singles)with 45+ guys on it and I try to play at least once a week. We also play doubles on Saturdays for a few hours and I've got about 6-7 people to hit/practice with at work and we try to get out twice during the week to hit. I'm getting in about 4-5 days each week.

    I can exhaust myself with tennis during the spring, summer and fall so I've never had a NEED to join the USTA. Not a bad problem to have!

    Seems all the tournaments I've seen require the membership though. I guess I could join just for the tournament, right?

    So, walk me through this, taking me down both paths if you will; 1) for a non-USTA member, and 2) for a USTA member.

    Do I have to play on a USTA league first?
    Do I have be USTA rated? (I'd have to self rate I guess)

    I really appreciate your help!
  2. saram

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    Jan 5, 2007
    You are correct in your assumption--if you want to play in USTA tournaments, you'll have to have a membership number--which requires a membership.

    However--there are some tournaments that are not USTA at all and used to raise funds for local tennis organizations. You may ask around and see what is out there and see if anyone knows of any tennis organizations within your area--you may be able to enter a tournament with only the entry fee.
  3. EasleyTennis

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    Feb 20, 2009
    Upstate, S.C.
    Most local tournaments require a USTA membership (when you sign up local tournaments send your brochures asking you to play in their tourneys). USTA is pretty cheap and I enjoy it a lot.

    When you sign up for the first time you have to self rate yourself, make sure you don't overrate yourself though, because you can play up but not play down. ex. 3.0's can play 3.5 but not vice versa.
  4. Topaz

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    Jun 18, 2005
    No. You do not have to play in a USTA league before playing in any kind of USTA tournament.

    No, not for a tournament, not even for an NTRP tournament. You only self-rate on the computer if you are joining a team for USTA leagues.

    Now, that being said, you may want to get a general idea of your rating so you put yourself in the most appropriate division in a tournament. And there are many different divisions. Tere are NTRP tournaments (And again, you don't necessarily need a rating to play in one, but your results could generate a rating for you afterward. Once you get an NTRP rating, you can not play in an NTRP division that is lower than your rating.), age group divisions, and of

    And yes, as others have stated, you will have to join the USTA before registering for the tournament, but you will not go through the self-rating process unless you are registering for USTA league play.
  5. Geezer Guy

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    Feb 17, 2005
    Big Canoe, GA
    If you've got the $35 or so that's required, there's no reason not to join the USTA. As a USTA member you can play in USTA tournaments and leagues - as well as non-USTA tournaments and leagues. If you're not a USTA member you can ONLY play in non-USTA tournaments and leagues. Aside from NTRP tournaments and leagues, the USTA also has age-group tournaments. You can enter the appropriate age group level without worrying about what NTRP you are. In addition, if you want to attend the US Open or certain other USTA tournaments you can get a substantial discount on your ticket price, and you get Tennis Magazine for free.

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