Can Switzerland win the NCYGS?


Both the last USO and AO was won by a Swiss man. Now it seems as Roger might semi-tank the clay season, and go all-out assault at Wimbledon. In his current form, I'd consider him the favourite for that tournament.

Meanwhile, Wawrinka has been showing good form in the big HC tournaments too. He will certainly want to go big on clay, his favourite surface, and especially RG.

Could Wawrinka win RG, and Roger Wimbledon, in which case Switzerland wins the non-calendar year grand slam?

USO: Wawrinka
AO: Federer
RG: Wawrinka?
Wimbledon: Federer?

If there's somewhere I could sign for this, I would. Always loved Swiss players.


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Suisse can win CYGS.

AO has L18ERATED Roger and makes him hit freely as if he's got nothing to lose.
Roger will shoot the L19HTS out at FO and climb H19HER on top of the world.
At Wimbledon Roger will be in the 20NE. His aces and winners will 20OM past every opponents and leave them dumbstruck.
At USO, Roger's balls will 21P past all opponents with such ease. His last point will be a drop volley that sounds "21NGGG !!!".

And 22ZZZZ he will sleep peacefully and wake up in 2018 to get ready for AMA22ING 22.


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Is there a CYGS for either win or made the final by more than one player of one country :cool:.
Then there is a chance if Rog/Stan makes the final.