Can the ATP Tour learn from the WWF?


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I've been thinking recently. Kids love WWF because it has characters like Randy Macho Man Savage, The Natural Rick Flair or was it something like Nature Boy :?

Do you think the ATP Tour would attract more kids to take up the sport if they marketed the players with official nicknames?


Lleyton 'The Running Man' Hewitt.
Andy 'ABomb' Roddick.


Sorry but I think that idea is pretty stupid. Anyway lots of names already: Kuerten: Guga
Juan Carlos: the Mosquito
Coria: el Magio
Mirnyi: the beast
Agassi: the a-train
Roddick: a-rod
Nadal: Rafa

and tons more.


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We don't want tennis to be a circus, but if there were a little more characterization like when johnny mac and connors played, fans would be more interested.


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Just remember that the WWE is scripted and so are the results. Do you want a Connors/Senior tour exhibition where the matches are pre-determined to protect the players the fans came to see and the tournament promoters need to fill seats? A sham? Drama written into the match? The same finals over and over again?


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The original post mentions only official nicknames. WWF can keep all the other stuff.

Matt Riordan

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You know, I'd be all for some more lively personalities on court - but not any match-rigging! Some needle between players that the crowd can latch onto is a good thing entertainment-wise.

I remember watching Gilbert vs Wheaton at the Grand Slam Cup what, 12 years ago - match was dull as dishwater but then suddenly there was an altercation and the two of them almost came to blows and had to be pulled apart by officials - it was great!

If all tennis matches had that die-hard Davis Cup atmosphere it would be a health thing.


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I understand you only want name recognition but if the ATP needs to hype players, they can't have them lose in the early rounds or get injured. You call it a sport, not entertainment but it is also a business.


Ahhhh.....the drama drama world of WWE. You just can't get enough of it. A radical idea, but I don't think it will work for ATP (or WTA) at all. It will turn the sport into a circus, or a laughing stock.

However, the reverse might be a good idea! Wrestling fans will know that throughout the years, wrestlers usually adopt a character to justify their personality in the ring. We have had a tax auditor, a prison guard, an undertaker, an Elvis impersonator, a bushman, a sumo wrestler, an ex-football player, a Harvard grad, a rapper, a superhero, etc. The list goes on. But WWE never have a TENNIS PLAYER for a wrestler! He could be the mean 'heel' with the tantrum of Johnny Mac to go along. And he will smack his opponent's 'kisser' with his tennis racquet when the ref is not looking!

I wonder WWE scriptwriters check this message board.

Just babbling. :shock:


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Jim Cornette used that weapon for years in West Virginia and Kentucky. Something absolutely hilarious about a pompous tennis player w/sweater and white short shorts mocking those hicks from Cabin Creek, all apologies to Jerry West.


I might get flamed for digging this thread up, but i think we should go over it again.

i was thinking about this for a while, I was thinking about the player entering one by one with their own entrance theme.

The only thing is, it's risky.
Because it will add to each player's personality, but a lot of players don't care.
It might add to the charisma and flow of the game, maybe to the competitive part.
Maybe a little more raising hell and getting the crowd pumped up a little between points.
No storylines, no rigging, just have them enter the courts one by one, their own music, own entrance moves, between points maybe a little taunt to get some cheers.

But I wouldn't want to see roddick hitting anyone with a steel chair(maybe getting hit).