Can virtual tennis can IMPROVE your game?! WTA Pro & Olympic Medalist, Luisa Stefani says yes & is joined by Yannick Yoshizawa VP of Sense Arena to ex

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She's a WTA Pro who won her 1st Grand Slam this year in Australia, has an Olympic Medal and some of the best volleys in the game! Luisa Stefani joins us to talk about how Sense Arena virtual tennis has helped her come back from her big injury. He is a former pro and college player who previously worked on the WTA and is now the Vice President of Sense Arena, Yannick Yoshizawa. And they both happen to be from Brazil, so we brought the energy and chemistry for you!

In this episode we learn what virtual tennis even is when using Sense Arena and how it can help our brains and offer cognitive work. With a focus on the mind body connection, our guests explain how to use this tool no matter if you are newer to tennis, a lifelong player, working on your pro status or just a competitor looking to improve!

Tune in for a really cool chat about virtual tennis and ways Sense Arena can help improve your game!

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