Can we have a real discussion about Kim Clijsters?


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Her strokes are still good ( some of them) but Gosh that body tho…. Even if she wins, anything…. She probably can’t play the next match.


I think most tennis fans are glad to see her back on the courts. However, despite all her accomplishments from years past, I think this game has past her by. I know her coming out of retirement brings a new spirit to the WTA, but quite frankly I think she’s setting herself up for a really tough year and possible injury. I watched her match against Konta and although her strokes, serves, etc are still VERY technically sound, her movement is just not there. Perhaps because she’s older or maybe because she not in the best shape. I was rooting for her as most were, but the reality is the new school of WTA players are just too much for her. I think she should find a good doubles partner and she’ll more success.
Embarrassing to see her back. She is way below where she needs to be and for her stature it is just tragic


She needs matches and she needs to hit the treadmill. She’s very inconsistent. If she keeps at it she will beat someone ranked outside the top 75 and she will use her tennis IQ to do it. She’s going to have to get into much better shape to beat anyone in the Top 75. I think she beats a few girls and then rides off into the sunset. I think she’s looking for one good run.


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I hate to talk bad about her, bc I do respect what she’s accomplished. However, her time has passed and she really should accept it and retire gracefully. This is just embarrassing at this point. Siniakova is good, but not even the best the WTA has to offer.


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Will be interesting to see how long she keeps going if she keeps losing like this.


“When I started this, I wanted to give it a really good shot for two years – those two years will end at the end of this year,” Clijsters told reporters after her first round defeat at Indian Wells.

“Obviously Covid kind of changed everything up a little bit, timing-wise. Obviously for a lot of players that wasn’t fun but made it a little tougher also for me.

“On the other hand I was home, I didn’t have to worry about being away and travelling without the kids or putting them in the bubble with me and those kinds of things.

“When I started it was two years – give myself a chance for two years to see how I can work my way back into a good rhythm and playing the tennis that I would like to play.”