Can Ymer snag his first title?


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Definitely could. Ivashka is a solid guy, but Ymer won't get many opportunities better than this to win a title, in terms of opponents.

The same could work in reverse, though.
It's about the head now. Although Ivashka is a pretty crafty veteran.


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For my money, among players who aren't NextGen-age (so no Korda) and are at or around their career high ranking (so no Nishikori or Kyrgios), Ivashka is the most underranked player in men's tennis. I expect him to beat Ymer, but certainly Ymer has a chance. I didn't expect him to beat Tiafoe or Alcaraz, either, yet here we are. His first serve and forehand are looking a bit beefier (a technical term) than I remember them being.


Hope so, but the list of scalps that Ivashka has taken is wayyyyyyyyyyy more impressive to me. That's a hell of a run for a 250.


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I don't think Ivashka's run's that much better than Ymer's:



Ivashka's win against PCB looks impressive on paper (didn't see the match or highlights), and there are some big hitters on his list. But he hasn't faced a patient ball retriever and counterpuncher like Ymer so far. Imo, Ymer's closer to Simon than f.inst. PCB. And Ymer has show impressive mental strength by staying patient against a huge hitter like Alcaraz (he's even beaten him earlier this year).

"With toolbox I have and the way he plays, [wearing him down] is more or less the only option, because he's so aggressive," Ymer said. "I think I executed the plan pretty well."

I don't think it will be easy for Ivashka to hit through Ymer, and he won't be discouraged if he's behind on the scoreboard, as this is something he is used to, and has been able to turn around several times. Not so sure about Ivashka in that position.


Firstly, you must also indicate which Ymer brother you are discussing. In this case, it is Mikael Ymer (not his older brother Elias).

I am VERY impressed with Mikael's backhand and his speed/balance! He has a shot at the title but I am sure that it will be a hard fought battle as Ivashka also wants it badly and hits the ball a ton.

Mikael is the steadier player while Ivashka is the more attacking player. The contrasts in style will make it very interesting.


I could beat Ymer with stats like this:

so far he's won only ONE receiving point and 32% on HIS FIRST SERVE POINTS
0Double faults3
53%First serve %63%
100%Win % on 1st serve32%
88%Win % on 2nd serve60%
4/6Break points0/0
0Tiebreaks won0
22Receiving points won1