Can you become as good or better...


with your off hand? I'm talking about if you're already established with your strong hand and not starting from a young age like Nadal did. I was thinking this as my off hand tetris skills have become proficient. My high with the right hand is 3.7 million while my left handed high is over half a million. Either way, it's better than most people get and I just started left handed tetris a few weeks ago. The trouble I'm having the most with left handed tennis is the serve, but if you think about it, that's the toughest thing to learn with the natural hand too. Is it possible to outshine the natural hand even if you're already established? I think there is a possibility.


Im interested. I tried this a while ago, but I was only interested in serving with the left as it should be the biggest advantage, and then just playing my normal right handed game.

My attempts were pretty horrific, and uncoordinated and stopped after 20 minutes - Can it be done, Im not sure.

Its only worth it if it improves on my decent but average existing serve.

Let me know how it goes.


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Depending on the level, you might become as good but never better.

I also remember reading Uncle Toni didn't force Nadal to play left handed when Nadal is a righty. I think he said something like Nadal was left foot dominant and more adept with his left hand. In other words, Nadal wasn't taught to play with less dominant hand.

There are a lot of variables here.

1. The level you are trying to reach.
2. Your coordination and dexterity with that hand.
3. Your allowed time to practice
4. Means, supplies, coaches, and environment to practice with and in.
5. Your age

If you are talking about from and above 4.5, I would say it would be really difficult and maybe even impossible especially if you are past your teenage.

But if you are already coordinated with that hand and can sustain rallies at around 3.5 levels w/o little or no practice, you might be reach rather high level with enough practice.

Most important factor is your time for practice. You are already past the age when the neurons and braincells are actively dividing and building networks. So you would need that much more time to practice.

Not only do you need the time, but you also need the coach and environment to practice the fundamentals. After playing at relatively high level, starting from the origin is never fun.


I think forehands and 2 handed backhands are easy to execute with the off hand, especially if you use a 2 hander with the strong hand now. One handers who have no idea how to hit a 2 hander might have some problems when attempting to use the off hand backhand whether it be one handed or 2 handed. The toughest thing to learn is the off handed serve. That's just like learning the serve all over again, but groundstrokes definitely should come easier to someone trying the off hand than someone who's just starting out and using his/her natural hand.


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seems my right arm is 2 times the size of my left no i dont think i could. maybe after years of playing only lefty but at that stage whats the point.


I used to think that too, mav, but I noticed that I could switch hands in tetris when my right hand was tired which was a luxury I didn't have a few months ago. If your strong arm ever got injured, you could still play if you were ambidextrous.


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Im ambidextrous. I play right handed but when I play left handed I can play about 75% as good as my right except for the serve. Sometimes I switch to my left hand in matches to mess with my opponent but its better to stick to one hand and backhand.


Guy at school serves lefty and plays righty, or something like that.. He can only serve good with one hand, but he can use both on his strokes.

Not sure what this thread is about..


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As you know, I've broken my left clavical 3 times since starting tennis, had a couple of separates, and one dislocate... I'm lefty.
So my right handed forehand is better than either of my groundies lefty, my right handed second serve is close to lefty, but lacking first serve, strong backhand volley and overhead, I still play lefty.
Possibly my lefty groundies might be more consistent, but much weaker in spin and pace.
But geez, how many hours to you have to make the full conversion?