Canada v. Netherlands in Davis Cup


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Can someone please tell me where this is being televised? Neither TSN nor the Tennis Channel is covering it. Really annoyed!


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Denis is embarrassing himself out there. Really bad right now. First set is all but gone due to poor play on his part. Don't know what's wrong with him.


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He's so wild and inconsistent.
Sadly Denis has been this way ever since the Delray tournament in February. His stated goal for 2018 was to win a tournament and it's looking very unlikely he will fulfill that. I wish he would play 250's or even Challengers to hone his game and stop flailing away on every ball. He has regressed this year. I watched his match against Nadal from last summer again and he was so much better then and making far fewer silly errors. But he is #34 and has a chance to move up if wins some rounds during the Asian swing coming up.


Well he reigned it in and beat Haase 3-6 3-6 7-5 6-3 6-4. So good comeback for Denis. Still exciting player to watch but he’s got some learning to do to construct points and not always go for the winner first chance.