CANADA: Wozniak's Final at Stanford on French CBC


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Duplicate post, yes, but we need to make sure this is known all over Canada:)

Wozniak's final at Stanford on French CBC in Canada (tomorrow at 17.00 EST)

I have no idea if the English CBC will show it, but I guess Radio Canada, CBC's counterpart, the national French channel, is shown everywhere in Canada.

Radio-Canada diffusera le match dimanche à 17 h.

Le match de la finale d'Aleksandra Wozniak, dimanche, sera diffusé à
la télévision de Radio-Canada dès 17 h (HAE). François Faucher animera
l'affrontement commenté par l'analyste Eugène Lapierre.

Tell everybody you know!!

BTW, you may want to read this:

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She'll be playing Bartoli in the Final...
if anyone cares.

As for dear Serena... I think a one month suspension from the Tour should be imposed every three times a player retires from a match.

She'd have been suspended plenty of times by now if that were in place.
Either that, or she'd somehow find the willingness - and guts - to play on.
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I was there today - she played very well! Great serve and forehand... It's the first time I saw her play, so congrats to a fellow Canadian. I'll be keeping an eye out for her in the future :)