Canadian Travelling for USTA Tournaments?


So I played a guy here in Ontario that claims to play in a ton of USTA matches. He was saying something about hotels and food vouchers, etc and good range of tournaments. Saying he goes down and signs up for two level entries in back to back weekends. Says they are better run than anything we have up north.

I was just wondering if there's any issues I should be concerned about seeing as how I'm a Canadian and maybe more detail on tournament levels because the official site is a tad confusing.

The guy I played was in a 4.0 tournament and I blew a 4-2 third set lead, so if he's playing at these tournaments then I feel I wouldn't be too far out of my element.


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Need a USTA membership

To play tournaments in the USA you need a USTA membership. You go to, then tournaments and search for tournaments near you. Create a mytennispage and then maybe tournaments in your area will appear...not sure that's true for Canadians.