Can't fathom the humiliation of getting knocked out in 1R


I am now trying to picture the one-dimensional baseliner Osaka playing doubles. It would be a disaster.

She is a brilliant ball striker when she is on .... but she won't leave the back court unless she has absolutely no choice.
Those types usually pair with great net player and play a lot more 1 up, 1 back formation. Mirza/Hingis doubles team was very much like that and they won several doubles titles including slams. Anyways its a great way to learn to be less one dimensional even if you don't get very far.

I've played a lot of mixed with stay back at all costs women and won matches with them. It can be done. It's only disastrous when two stay back at all cost women play doubles together.


Since when is putintseva a slicer junker?

So now everyone who sometimes slices the ball is a slicer and junker?


I disagree with the parallels trying to be drawn between a pro losing first round and anything rec players say or do. Also disagree with anyone saying Osaka is imature or there is something wrong with being a little more lighthearted. Gotta love that robotic world, especially the the folks claiming PC issues and how tough they are walking 100 miles uphill both ways just to pinch a drop of water out of a penny cuz the well went dry on the farms they works.


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I lose in the first round about half the time.

That's why I tend to prefer round robin and compass draw tourneys where I get to keep playing after losing.

kramer woodie

I'm sure there's some intelligence in you, despite what you wrote.

When you don't know the difference between average tax rate and marginal tax rate, you don't have to show it.
When you don't realise that building a country, vetting safe technologies, building roads and subsidising schools costs billions, you don't have to show it.
When you can't see that Monaco is the real thief here, since its entire society is based on harbouring rich healthy expatriates who grew up (cost) their home country until adulthood when they no longer wanted to return the favour, you don't have to show it.

Yes, I understand marginal tax rates and the need for progressive tax rates. Just for you here is a list of some individuals who left England because taxes became to high: Shirley Bassey...Michael Caine...John Barry...Marc Bolan...Jethro Tull...Tom Jones...some of Pink Floyd...Rod Steward...and there are many more not quit as famous. Some of the above, returned to England, after taxes on top earners went down.

Now, should we discuss the Purchase Tax in England? It is not a value added tax. The rate during Wilson's time, it was 33-1/3% charged on goods at point of manufacture before even available for the public to buy. The Purchase Tax later dropped to 25%.

The problem is, here in the U.S., is that 50% of the population does not contribute by paying Federal Income Tax. It is a free ride for them payed by the other 50% of the income producing population.

Is it possible that the non-tax paying group be charged at minimum 100$ per year? That way they will have pride for contributing and maybe induced to earning a better living. Good for them and their families, plus all those billions you claim it takes to make society better will be increased by an unexpected source of individuals who have made poor life decisions.



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I get it .... then she should have done like all the other players who have lost ... go change and compose oneself prior to the presser, meet with your team for 5 minutes to have your talking points .... or don't do it at all and take the fine levied by the GS/WTA
In some sense she did. She realized she was about to lose it and calmly asked to leave. I don’t think she needs to be that upset about it. Almost every major winner gets a 1st round loss


What the heck is the question being asked at :43 ?

Look at her first reply. PURE GOLD. Slicer/junkers are KING, even at grand slams
...garbled..."did this make the loss in the first round make it feel any more comforting in a way?"...more garbled...

no matter in what language these questions are asked, the vast majority of them are completely inane. I really don't understand the need for a press conference for any player...period...


Same here. Is it another language or does the reporter have a speech impediment? I honestly cannot tell.
She eventually transitions to English but the beginning of the question is gibberish.
Usually, a reporter will never ask a question in a different language. Maybe at Roland Garros reporters will question Federer in French...
Only guess is that it is Japanese (assuming Osaka speaks it?). But it is still inappropriate to pose the question in Japanese in an English speaking country.


When you don't know the difference between average tax rate and marginal tax rate, you don't have to show it.
Just a point here. When you make as much money as the Beatles were making, the lower than maximum tax rate on their income below the top rate probably didn't make a big difference in the total taxes they would have paid. (said without checking into their actual incomes at the time, but you should get my point)