Caption This.


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"Hmmm who can take the top spot when I leave? Rafa is there but he seems to do a bad job maintaining the top ranking. The rest? Pfftttt they win 1 slam and they go away. Oh well let me do this for a bit longer".
"hmmmm... If I win this one, I'll play against Murray in the semis... ... ... better not give him any chances to practice on me before the US Open... .... no one will notice... "
On second thought. Charlene Riva and Myla Rose? WTF?! I knew I shouldn't have let Mirka pick the names!
spilling coffee all over ... some other really funny ones on this page, too.


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^^ my god, this is so freakin hilarious it needs no caption. The Brits must be so proud of this Andy!!! Move over Rafa and Roger, this is the real numero uno :-D


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Looks like Andy M is trying to hit on Andy R.:) Fed could be thinking "Okay WTF did those crazy fans post on my website this time?"


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Be honest with me, Andy bro, is it true that I look like a cross between an ostrich and Radek Stepanek ?


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A. Murray: "2 Andys with the same suit... doing the same as me won't make you better bro."

A. Roddick: ...

A. Murray: "OUUCHH!!! Why'd you poke me in the eye??!!!"



"mm, f8ck it. I can't lie to myself anymore. It's time to leave Mirka. Mmm, loook at that pantyline."


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Federer: I beat you once in a row, Na Na Na, buahhahaha.
Murray: BAHHHHH Fluke.


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Federer : See i can win the US open, maybe you can too. Just cope with the pressure!

Murray: Well I don't know Fed, I might lost to that person who plays unexpectably clean with a good serve and aggresive forehand like i allways do in slams.


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Federer: british airways or american airlines?

Murray: i don't quite know yet.

Federer: i'd give you a lift, you know, but i didnt know you'd be leaving so early. :)

Murray: ...

Djokovic: Oh, no Roger, i can't possibly take that nice jacket from you.

Federer: No, take it. I insist. Plus, you know, NIKE has already sent me another jacket with a "16" printed on it, since, you know Murray is gone, obviously.

Djokovic: But Roger, the tournament isn't over, i'm still in the draw.

GOAT: I know. :neutral: