Carlos Alcaraz


This guy is causing problems for the top guys in challengers these days

In this match last night he should have been through in straights but the other guy hung on. Match finished 2 am local time

Give it three years and he will be causing problems for everyone, all over the place, and everyone will be hanging on


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Here in Spain we have high expectations with this player; today he will hace Pablo Carreño in the final.
He is just 17, very agresive style, is forehand is like Tyson punch. We hope Ferrero manages correctly his career and he will be soon in ATP tour.
I watched several Challenger matches he played in 2019 and was impressed with his talent. The one area that needed improvement is the serve, particularly his second ball. That is understandable at such an early stage in his development.

Alicante spectators got a peek at what could be the new Fedal rivalry when he beat Jannik Sinner in three very solid sets for the two youngsters at the Challenger there last spring.


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How do you know? Do you have recent tennis clips of him? Do you mind sharing them please i'm starving to watch some tennis
Post #20 has a link to the AdM match.

Serve is beefier this year but it’s not quite there yet on 1st percentages and the second serve is still middle-of-the-box placement without much action. AdM was able to punish on return on those meatballs.

Good progress from 2019. It’s obvious JCF has focused on HC skills to augment the CAG clay weapons.