CB 3.3 or Barricade 6?

Discussion in 'Shoes and Apparel' started by persondudething, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. persondudething

    persondudething Rookie

    May 7, 2008
    Im looking at getting a new pair of shoes and i was mostly considering these two options. I previously wore the barricade 5 and CB 2.3. Which one would be the better option?
  2. mathieu

    mathieu Rookie

    Sep 29, 2010
    CB 3.3-Painful ass break-in, super stiff. Get it if your a swoosh slave.

    B6-Normal break-in, much more flexible, more durability, but a bit too narrow in the toe box.

    I would recommend asics gel 3, but if your used to high durability, you'll be disappointed.
  3. Virginiuh

    Virginiuh New User

    Jul 28, 2011
    LOL very true

    Both shoes are pretty bulky compared to my shoe of choice at the moment, Breathe 2K10, but both have excellent durability and a 6 month guarantee. I prefer the Barricade because like mathieu said, much more flexible and is easier to run around in. Both great hard court shoes with very impressive aesthetics.

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