@Sentinel 's turmeric thread ( https://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/index.php?threads/turmeric-curcumin-good-or-useless.627497/ ) led to me checking out CBD Oil. Frickin confusing subject ... the following is what "I think I know" after looking into it. Please correct me where I am wrong.

Read a couple of articles ... links at the bottom.

Short version of what I think I know at this point:

- hemp oil ain't cbd oil, and hemp oil ain't what you are after

- hemp oil is extract from hemp plant seeds

- cbd oil comes from hemp and marijuana flowers, leaves and stems

- cbd extract process harder than hemp seed oil extract process

- more concentration of cbd in hemp plant than marijuana plant, minus the TLC concern, so get the cbd from hemp plant

- looks like 250mg of cbd per ounce is a good starting point for being in the cbd game

- looks like Amazon is strictly in the Hemp Oil game with deceiving 3rd party sellers/industry. I don't think you will find one actual CBD legit product (maybe you get traces of CBD) on Amazon. They even use phrases like "Hemp Oil full spectrum".

I am interested in trying CBD oil (actually salve or cream) on my mild case of right big toe hallux limitus. I do not have any sharp pain, just notice the joint during the day. I put biofreeze on the joint right before tennis, and do not notice the toe (much) playing tennis.

My plan was to drop the biofreeze for a month, and use the CBD daily and see if I notice a difference. I'm an Amazon Prime guy ... so first stop Amazon. Actually purchased, and then cancelled something called HempRich yada yada yada. After getting input from a friend, and doing a little research ... looks like the Amazon products are strictly Hemp oil and not CBD.

So ... leaves local or a different online website. My friends (mentioned in other post) use this ... and claim it's a reputable company.


Sounds like horse strength ... don't think I need that. :D

I checked out a local CBD store ... and a jar of salve (I think 2 oz ... don't know strength) was $50. Not cheap ... but in my case I'm just dabbing a little joint so might last forever. They had a sample container (smaller than a carmex container) for $15 ... so you could try it before buying the $50 jar. I am going to check out a second store, and also check out the website listed above. I thought others might have info on the topic.
Surprised there isn't some aching tennis player cbd feedback/experience.

I bought some cbd cream ... 250mg per oz, and will update results here. At this point the plan is once a day (morning) big toe application replacing biofreeze.

First impression after two uses is it is fast ... if not faster than biofreeze at immediately masking the dull discomfort. I used it the first time yesterday afternoon ... and it seemed to make me not notice the toe the rest of the day. Maybe placebo ... will watch.
Been reading about this as patients have been asking about it. Short answer is not many randomized controlled trials but LOTS of claims that it helps MANY things. Many canbabinoids in hemp and marijuana. Unclear which ones or combination of ones with or without THC act where in the body and to what if any effect. Hemp plants by definition have very low THC and CBD oil derived as such is considered non psychoactive and hence legal for sale in all states and over internet. Marijuana derived CBD oil contains varying levels of CBD and THC and as such is legal only where marijuana is legal. Lots of debate as to whether hemp or marijuana CBD oil are equally “effective” whatever that means. There is one FDA approved medical now however derived from CBD oil for seizures however. So buyer beware at present but much more clarification to likely come soon.