Centre Court vs Court No.1 speed comparison



I've seen lots of people here saying how Nadal vs Querrey being scheduled on C1 is bad news for Nadal because of it playing a little faster than CC.

I'd be interested to see what the reasons for this statement are..

C1 (on the right) is visibly much more worn down than CC (on the left), and obviously the more the grass is worn down the slower it should play?



From what I can see in the images the dimension of the C1 are extremelly big. There is no differenze in the size of CC and C1. Therefore, the argument that Nadal won't be able to return well behind the baseline on C1 is not true. Both courts are very big and have the same dimensions.

I don't know about the speed though. The only area which is worn down is the zone of serve. Doubt it will reduce the speed too much.


I'm with you OP. I've thought that C1 looked burned out from Day 2, and as a Nadal fan I have actually wanted his matches played there. I think it's the right scheduling from a fan perspective (both Djokovic-Goffin and Federer-Nishikori should be more entertaining matches than Nadal-Querrey), and from a benefit-to-Nadal perspective. C1 was faster than CC last year, but I think the opposite is true this year (and the difference in both years is so minimal as to not affect outcome).

Navdeep Srivastava

Actually c1 is getting uneven bounce which can cause trouble to Rafa.


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Cahill said yesterday that Court 1 was playing "a tad slower" than Centre Court, but didn't elaborate.


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The court speed is always mentioned but never the balls and their heaviness and how they react off the surface.