Champion smart tennis sensor


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I haven’t used this particular sensor but I have used many similar sensors, especially with the kind of attachment to the bottom of the racquet.

my personal opinion, it is too pricey at 100$.
Tennis Sensors, especially the ones that are embedded in dampeners/ butt of racquet, are not hot items anymore.

I think the future is with cameras and AI based sensor technology - but they’ll need to mature.


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Is it (Champion smart tennis sensor - any good?
I can't find any reviews anywhere except here - .
Any responses will be very much appreciated.
It’s a Chinese made sensor and can be picked up on eDay by another name for $25. It’s as good as any other. Unless you have unlimited data or WiFi, you won’t be able to take advantage of all of the options such as recording yourself playing a match. Otherwise, it’s just okay feedback.