Change of shoe to avoid injury?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Boricua, Feb 8, 2013.

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    The question arises not on how the shoe looks but in terms of its performance. For example, the rubber sole begins to wear off, is that just an initial wear or is it a sign that the shoe must be changed? In practical terms some people wear the shoe until a hole comes about. But, in terms of performance when is it time to change it in order to have a well balanced shoe that prevents one from developing an injury such as ankle twist, improper aligment, etc.?
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    Wearing tennis shoes until you have a hole in them is not a very good idea. I know a lot of kids do it, in order to use the warranty and get a second pair free. For most people though, it's not worth putting their feet at risk of injury for just a pair of shoes.

    First off, the midsole will likely lose most of its cushioning properties long before the outsole wears off, exposing the ankle joint to more shock than necessary.

    Then the upper softens, and will provide less support against ankle roll.

    As the outsole wears off, it may lose some grip. (This last point depends on the type of outsole though. I had a pair of shoes with a soft rubber outsole that wore quickly, but remained very grippy even after all the grooves were gone.)

    Anyway, generally speaking it is a good idea to replace the shoes when they just don't feel that good anymore. I usually wear through a new pair each summer. Start with brand new shoes in May, toss them in the garbage at the end of September.

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