Changing directions and hitting a FH winner down the line

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    There's a shot I have trouble with, the FH down the line. Especially on a ball coming from my opponents backhand where I can run around my backhand and go down the line. My opponents sit on their backhand side and try to run around their backhands all the time. I want to make them pay by going down the line, but I don't connect often enough.

    What's the secret to this shot?
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    I think the main thing is you really got to get loaded and set on the main leg you are hitting off of. With a semi-open stance, you want to really load up on the right leg so you maintain good balance. Watch Djokovic change directions with his forehand for a good example of a semi-open stance forehand. For a more neutral closed stance, load up on your left leg and be prepared to move in for the kill. This is the shot Federer really excels at if you watch him. He transitions up to the ball remarkably well, gets all his weight moving forward, and gets the ball up over the net and down into the court with heaviness and penetration.
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    This shot I actually can hit. Try using a position on the netcord as your target, you knowing YOUR position along the baseline. Of course, aim over the net cord, not at it.
    I have problems controlling the depth on my inside out forehands CC, usually hitting too high and deep for the angle I'm going for.
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    WHere is your miss going? Is it mostly the same thing?

    What I normally see is folks that tend to hook it wide. (Fed is great, but tends to do this when he is off a bit) They treat it more like a crosscourt and use the outside of the ball where you can pull it.....except you don't need to pull this Inside/In shot. You basically want to take it from your contact point to straight thru the court with no angle in most cases.

    I like to work it much like the inside/out Fh and use the inside of the ball more, getting a slight fade on the ball like a good inside/out....just on a different shot line. THis has the ball fading more into the court for an inside/in.

    If you are hitting long or into the net too often, I'd suggest it is due to not working across the shot enough and too much of a vertical swing to the target.
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