Changing Federer's Destiny Terminator style.

Mr Topspin

I am bored so please bear with me. If you could go back in time and destroy the Legend that is Federer ala Terminator when would you go back. And instead of terminating Federer you could influence the outcome of a match which you believe would hinder his chances of becoming part of the discussion of a GOAT which match would you choose?

I would go back to June 2003 in Roger's 3rd round match with Mardy Fish at Wimbledon. Federer won the first two sets easily before recieving treatment for back spasms. Federer lost the 3rd set and I would have Mardy take the next 2 sets. I believe this loss after winning the first two sets wound cement Federer's reputation as a choker and a tanker and would destroy his confidence completely.

However, just to make sure he did not rejuvenate I would go to the SF at the US Open with Nalbandian vs Roddick. I would have Nalbandian take it in the 3rd set tie break as he would have had hawkeye been available.

I believe Nalbandian would have gone on to defeat the tired Ferrerro in the final just as Roddick did. However, I believe that Nalbandian with a slam under his belt would have been a real force in the game and would contain Federer should he get delusions of grandeur.

Thoughts on this or other players.


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I like the part about Nalbandian. Had he won that USO, it'd have been a legendary Nalby/Fed rivalry instead of.... :D


Nice thread.. I see the fun of it. I just don't hope people ruin it. To put in my answer, for some reason I think when Fed was a set and a break down I think at Wimbledon 2004 against Roddick. Had he lost that, things would have been different. Also: losing in straights to Soderling in the French Open Final would not have been good for his reputation.