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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by imalil2gangsta4u, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. imalil2gangsta4u

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    Mar 3, 2009
    For some reason whenever i play for fun, i cant find it in myself to focus and play my best. Ive never been able to do this for people way below me, but now its even starting to happen when i play people close to the level im at.

    For example, i hit with the same person about 5 times a week. I would say if we play our best, ide win, but hes close to my level. During the year i never lost a challenge match to him( so i always kept my rank), which were the matches that really mattered. The problems come when he comes up and asks me to play a practice match. I STILL WANT TO WIN, but ide say im 50/50, maybe even 40/60 when it comes to those matches.

    So for the last 3 weeks we have been just playing practice matching and ive played horrible. Ide be the first person to admit when im getting outplayed, but it was not even close. I try to focus and i get to frustrated when im doing things i know that in a tournament i wouldn't do. After playing horrible for 3 weeks, i went into my tournament last weekend ( which had better players ) thinking this is going to suck. To my surprise, immediately my level of play rose and I ended up doing very well. After taking some time off, i played again with my friend and guess what... im back to my bad playing. I feel like im not getting what i need out of my practice to get better.

    So should i be looking for another hitting partner that tests me like i am during tournaments, or is my problem my lack of focus while practicing?
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    Jul 5, 2009
    you should get a partner that would like to improve with you so that way you guys can improve eachother and get to higher level of the game. and yes you need to focus more even if it's a practice match. ive experienced this with my friend. we went to hit like almost everyday and when we rally its fine but when it comes to playing a set, we always mess around and ended up gaining nothing from it.
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    There's a big difference between practising, and playing practice matches. It may be the case that you and your friend do too much of the second, and not enough of the first. So, you end up playing points, which soon degenerates into playing outrageous points / blazing winners.

    Instead, you could try playing routines (cross-court rallies, down the trams rallies, one of you has to play everything to the backhand corner, or condition games where you lose extra points if you hit the net / land the ball mid-court / don't put away his mid-court ball, etc. etc.). It's routines like that which will really develop your games, and you can make them fun and competitive (with point-scoring) also, to drive you both to work harder.
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    Oct 2, 2008
    sounds like you need a coach. For me it's different. I have fun when I play and learn intensely when I am coached, without confusing the two so that both stay strong. I grew up traveling to tournaments (juniors) to compete, same in college. I'm over it. My life is so beautiful it's fun to play, even if I'm not doing my best.
    I'd go bald or pull my hair out with that ocd mentality that you have. (and still never make more than $300 a match!!!!)
    I am a high rated player. Guys who try to coach me without my asking decline my challenges to a set because "their shoulder hurts".
    I have the same problem you do.
    Only I've earned my lazy practices and love them.
    Ever see a pro coach fooling around with a pro? just hitting goofy shots, crap mini lobs and fun stuff from inside the service area??? if you haven't you didn't grow up around tourneys like me, no big whoop.
    I am seriously no one in any aspect of any sports world. I just understand what that fun game does for the mind body and game,
    that why I am the tennis zohan,
    You are plaugued by trying to improve constantly and never doing so, you try to tell yourself to remember to do things, but your just messing up your learning if you are the one screaming, even in your own head.
    Interesting post, thought I'd approach it form an abstract minimalist can't be your own can you be your own sensei???
    sensei doesn't mean means "the one who has gone before me"...
    find a highly technical coach who is much better than you but won't shut up with info and corrections.
    In boxing as well as tennis coaches like these are only 20% of the game. The rest are *** clowns giving hanjobs to their clients. I don't say funny stuff like" oh that was the wind...your name here...hahhaha..did I ever tell you about the time I???
    guys like you are locked, you bring a bunch of fancy equipment to the court and curse yourself quite a bit on court.
    take some lessons and stop trying to give them folks, even to yourself.
    By defenition you can't coach someone of a higher technical elvel so you are just ruining your game with your repressed loosing attitude.
    You can't conciously remind your body to do the type of stuff you are talking about.
    The fact that you are talking about it tells me your exact level. Your upper body looks awesome strokewise, learning the footwork is totally different, you won't start "focusing" by reminding yourself of things you don't know. You have to find the mind body link...a coach!!!
  5. imalil2gangsta4u

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    Mar 3, 2009
    Ya maybe i do need a coach.

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