Agassi out, Roddick gone. There's a meltdown happening at ESPN, what oh what to do. Can't show Federer, Ferraro, Moya, who wants to see them? Quickily, cue up Venus and Serena, make sure we replay that Navratalova singles match. How will ESPN handle this nightmare scenario? Stay tuned kids.
Federer, Moya, Coria, Henman, Hewitt, Ferrero, Venus, Serena, Capriati, Davenport, Mauresmo are almost certain. Zvonareva vs. Sharapova will most likely be shown too.


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This happens at every RG. I mentioned this a few days ago. It's the one tournament where they have to show other players. This year is no different. :wink:
All Venus, All Serena, All Jennifer, ALL THE TIME!!! ESPN can go F itself. Got up this morning, turned it on, Venus. Followed by Jennifer replay. Went to work for a while, came home and turned it on, Serena. I was going to start taping the coverage, but now I think, why waste the tape?