Check out this camera angle

Chas Tennis

The overhead camera angle is one of the most informative camera angles. See Fuzzy Yellow Balls videos. But the set up requires supporting a camera above the player and that requires a considerable boom, a cherry picker or drone. Supporting the camera is why overhead camera views are so rare.

A second set up that shows some of the same angles but from closer is the under impact camera. To single frame on Youtube use the period & comma keys. This video has pauses of a few seconds/many frames, too many to single frame through.

Kinovea video analysis application processing.

The camera was placed on the ground on a towel looking up and was protected from ball impacts with a tennis bag. I would avoid having the sun on the imaging array as it might damage it. A cloudy sky is OK. This works best with controlled incoming balls from a ball machine passing over the small space directly above the camera.

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