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    Ok, as a continuation on the previous thread.

    I have a Laserfibre MS200TT, and I was concerned about the possibility of the tension being miscalibrated at the factory which I considered highly unlikely as we're talking about a fairly simple dropweight device with minimal variables.

    Anyhow, I have a Gamma spring tension calibrator, and tried it out on my machine. The tension consistently read approximately three pounds higher than it should have, at any angle.

    Thus, I checked the calibrator's accuracy by hooking it up to a 15 pound dumbell, which I verified by weighing it on my bathroom weight 15 pounds on the dot.

    The 15 pound dumbell consistently measured 3 pounds higher on my Gamma calibrator.


    I think it's more likely that your calibrator is a little off than it is that the Laserfibre dropweight was somehow off. I mean it's not a very complicated part we're talking about here, just a standard length pole and a weight you screw onto that pole. It's not that hard to get right.

    As far as the tension not being totally constant pull? I have to agree with Mark Whelan's findings here. The tension was spot on regardless of the angle, unless of course the lever "bottomed-out" in which case you would obviously just pull the string a little more taught and retension, so no problem.

    Anyway hope my findings helps anyone who might be scared away from purchasing the machine.

    Also, though if your calibrator is indeed spot on accurate, I would suggest sending your pole and weight back to Tim Sullivan and have him check it out, which I'm sure he'll do. I'm sure that if there's a problem, he'll replace the pole and weight with a properly calibrated on no questions asked. In fact, even if there is no problem; he's the kind of guy who'd stilll replace it. Just let him know.
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    Feb 11, 2004
    Calibration Tool

    I used 50 lbs. of Olympic weights to check my Gamma calibration tool and it was off by about 5 lbs(too high). I had also cked it on my WIse electronic tension head and it also indicated the calibrator was set too high. It's easy to change it though. The only way to really ck any of these is with a known weight, like Olympic weights. A weight verified on a bathroom scale might be close, but I wouldn't trust it for setting my machine's tension.
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    Feb 18, 2004
    If you ever want to validate the weight with which you check your calibrator - go to a Fed-ex service counter. They have calibrated scales right there and dont mind if you weigh something.

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