Chip Blocking first serve returns on tour?


Wawrinka mostly does that especially on the forehand side. Who else mostly block their returns on tour. Also how in the world do they get away with it?


dan evans, feliciano lopez, steve johnson, fernando gonzalez. If you get enough depth on the shot, or with enough penetration (lack of height), it is effective at neutralizing big serves and also building pressure. Aggressive returners miss more, chip returners make a high percentage of returns in court and it's mentally draining to continually play slow-paced low balls, especially if they are deep.

This has all been enabled by a lack of serve-volley/willingness to punish slow and high chipped balls.

Max G.

Federer does it plenty on the backhand side. If someone has good defense, its worth getting more points started with a bunt than to go for bigger returns and miss more.