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    Jan 31, 2012
    That right there may be the source or at least adding to the problem she is having. Does HW know she is using polyester strings. To much for a 10-11 yo to handle and not necessary especially now as she is going through a grip change. Consider this setup to soften things up a bit. Stay with the Black code (technifibre brand), 18G OK or can go with 17G, put them only on the mains. For the cross string consider using Technifibre X-One Phase (multifilament) 16G. String the mains 4-5lbs looser then the cross strings ex 50Lbs mains w/ co-poly, 55lbs cross w/ multifilament. If your daughter is playing at least 10-12 /wk then you will probably restring them every 2-3 weeks which is what you would need to do anyway if you are using only the polyester strings. This is done whether they break or not.
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    I got my first adjustment by the athletic trainier in college.. we were training hard in the off season and it was raining most of the week and we all had to train inside the basketball gym,doing all kinds of drills with the b-ball team guys.. I felt a bit stiff and the head trainer(who was also the trainer for a pro football team)gave me a rum down and cracked my back... I was hooked ever since.. I will go see an asian chiro guy when my body acts up .. he's the greatest .. when my lower back gets whacked out ,he's my man .. one time I had a pinched nerve,making my left side numb.. I thought I was having a stroke ,he fixed it...
    there are people here who rather just take prescribed medication to block the pain,but the problem is still there..that's just western medicine's way of thinking..
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    That sounds like a sweet setup I'm gonna give it try after this weekends tournament. I restring her rackets every two weeks.
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    The chiropractic bashing is unreal, the chiro keeps many top players in shape and the help a lot, mostly when it comes to joint pain and your not prescribed medicine like an MD would
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    That's physical therapy. Actual chiropractic is very, very different. You should read up on what chiropractic really is. The good sports "chiropractors" are really hybrids that practice little to no chiropractic.
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    I think I know the job description
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    Strength training has helped my players the most in preventing injury. Tennis players all have out of balance bodies that will always be out of balance due to serving more than any other shot. Strength training will help balance the body and build the muscles and tendons. The key to staying fit for competitive play is to make sure you train in the gym within 24 hours of hard tennis play. Strenuous tennis will make your body pull toward those imbalances, and strength training within a day of hard play will make your muscles pull toward your last workout instead of the tennis. Just resting will pull your body toward your imbalance.
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    I managed a multi-doc Chiropractic clinic. Then I became a business consultant to DCs. (Got out of that business for the same reason I stopped consulting directly to MDs. Doctors -- no matter which letters follow their name -- are CHEAP. I had more collection problems with doctors than any single category of client.)

    There are scammers in every profession; DCs are no different.

    I think the multiple treatment "plans" should be a Yellow Flag for most people. (But sometimes even very active athletes have serious problems no previous doc discovered. Not ALL the multiple treatment plans are scams.)

    Even getting regular Chiropractic care doesn't mean I don't sometimes need to be adjusted 2x in a week. (I didn't so much "dive" for one ball, as I stumbled and fell while going for it. Hey! I won the point...!) My DC enjoyed teasing me and collecting those adjustment fees...!

    IMO, one of the best ways for athletes to stay fit and healthy is to receive regular adjustments. ("Regular," meaning what works for your body.)

    When I was training and competing in karate tournaments I got adjusted *more* than weekly. Now that I'm "just" a tennis player, I get adjusted every 4-6 weeks.

    - KK
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    Thanks for posting.

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