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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Number1BallBoy, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Jun 28, 2008
    Hello board,

    I know this sounds very redundant with asking 'what racquet should I get' but my question is for those who may have similar strokes like me of what racquet I should give a try. I don't want to go through 50 demos just to choose one. So, on my forehand side, I use a near western grip and I hit with heavy topspin. I use to use the APD but changed to a KPT so I could learn to hit through the ball and for more control. On my backhand side, I use a 1hbh with a near eastern grip. The K-factor Pro Tour doesn't have the power (it weighs roughly 12.1 oz and has BlackCode strung at 54) I am looking for. I feel like I have maxed out on power on that racquet. The same sort of applies to the backhand. It still isn't stable enough to hit through the ball on heavy hitting. I am not looking for power on my backhand but more of having stable and consistent shots. I feel it is hard to find a racquet to compliment both sides: western grip top spin forehand and classic eastern grip 1hbh. Could anyone recommend any racquets? Thank a lot!!
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    How about trying the K90 and KPS88? The K90 will give you a little more weight for your backhand, has an open string pattern and is fairly stiff which should work well for your topspin forehand. The KPS88 is even heavier and a little stiffer and might work for you too but going up a full ounce might be more than you want.

    I'd suggest going up 0.2 or 0.3 oz at a time with 90 to 95 sq in models with moderate to high stiffness until you find enough stability on your backhand.
  3. Virtua Tennis

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    Jul 22, 2008

    How about putting some lead to stabilize your frame and give you some swing weight.
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    Oct 20, 2006
    First thing I'm curious to know is whether you've tried other strings in that K Pro Tour. You've got a not-too-hefty frame there that also has some flex to it, so there's not a whole bunch of potential for power aside from a really hard swing. What makes this setup a low power "trifecta" is that it's strung with poly; a string which is especially unresilient and low powered.

    There are other racquets in the Wilson camp with more weight, more stiffness, or a combo of both including the ones already listed. You might also want to look at the KBlade 98 and the K6.1 95.

    Before you dump your current frame though, you could try a touch-up with some lead on the hoop to get it more stable - a little can work wonders in that dept. I'd also recommend some different strings in case you haven't tried any yet. Multifibers like Tecnifibre's Biphase are rather lively, but even some simple synthetic gut might furnish you with some good bite and control along with a little more zing.

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