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    Hello, my name is Kent I play tennis on my high school varsity team. Recently my teammates and I have been breaking a lot of strings. This has cost my teammates and I a lot of money. I am very good at tennis, I play number 1 Doubles, and Number 1 singles on occasion. I have come up with an idea for all of the tennis players in my area. My plan is to buy a stringing machine and string rackets at low prices, because cost is an issue here. I am in need of tennis stringing machine that is not drop weight system. I am looking for anything better than that that can give me a constant tension. Does anyone know of any stringing machines that has a price of $500.00, at I price I can afford? I would prefer not to have Silent Partner, or Egnas. Also, does anyone know where I can get used stringing machines from?

    PS: What do you think of a used EKTELON MODEL H TENNIS RACQUET STRINGING MACHINE? Would this be a good choice?
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    Mar 19, 2004
    I would get one of those Alpha Revo 4000 table top machine. Good for transporting and great for its price :). Wished i got one of these instead of the gamma progression 602.
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    Stringing machine

    Really, what are the cons?
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    Feb 19, 2004
    Do some research on prior posts on this page and others. The one machine you inquired about is not going to help you down the road because it has a hard time with OS frames. Your price range is quite high so you have alot of options. Keep checking ****- go after the GAMMA 4000 series and above - you could get a steal for $500 shipped. For $500 don't settle for anything less than fixed clamps-crank w/ a stand.
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    Question, new stringer

    For all of you that do lots of stringing, I have done a lot of research on stringing machines. I really do not have the budget for any Gamma stringing machine. I was first looking to buy at a used EKTELON MODEL H TENNIS RACQUET STRINGING MACHINE, but I have since heard that I would have a very hard time stringing oversize rackets. I have been looking at recent posts on this board, and they are very helpful. I have changed my mind on the stringing machines that I am interested in. As I have said I do not like Silent Partner or Egnas because of the bad things I have heard about them.

    Right now I am in need of help in regards to drop weight stringers as opposed to "Crank Stringers" What’s the main difference of the two? Which one works best? I have looked at Laserfibre's ( ) MS200 ECO model (drop weight). Does this seem to be a good stringer? What are the main differences between flying clamps, and double action clamps, does this realty matter when stringing? Would this be good for a high school student, and a tournament player? Thanks a lot for you help, and if I can help you with anything in any way, please let me
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    Feb 18, 2004
    if you can afford the ECO with the fixed double action clamps - get it. you will then have a constant pull machine with great clamps a proven mounting system and a reliable tensioning mechanism. the machine holds its value very well - and you will make back your investment in no time.

    i have an ms200tt and i would not trade it for any machine in it's price class. construction and customer service from laserfibre (and stringway) are top notch.

    just so you know - flying clamps differ from fixed clamps in that they hold tensiono by clamping onto two strings simultaneously. they are not affixed to the machine itself. a flying clamp eco will lose more tension in the clamping process than the fixed clamp eco.

    another bonus with the eco would be the ease of portability. i am traveling to a tournament this weekend and will be bringing my ms200tt for all the team to use.

    buy as much machine (from a reputable firm) as you can afford. the alphas are probably good - as are the gammas. follow your instinct on the EAGNAS.
  7. Steve Huff

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    Feb 11, 2004
    I have an Alpha Apex and an Ektelon H model. The H model is a great machine, and I don't know what racket he's referring to that would be too large for it. I've strung Prince Rings, Triad 2's and Weed XL's on it. I don't know of many rackets larger than those. But, I'm not saying you should buy one. The hold down clamps (mounting arms) are cast, and they are not being made any more. If one breaks, your machine is pretty much history. Tennis Machines Inc notified me of this when I was planning on sending the mounting structure to him to repair the hold down clamps.

    As for a new machine under $500, I'd see if you can find an Alpha Axis. When they came out with their new line, they dropped the price of these to $479 (they were $849 before). Seems like a steal to me. The new Laserfibre Eco is getting some pretty good reviews too. I think that's less than $500. The Axis is a standup, crank machine, the Eco is a tabletop, constant pull machine. But, with the Alpha, you could always add a Wise tension head later if you wanted constant pull.
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    Where can I get an Alpha Axis From

    Whats the website to where I can get an Alpha Axis from? Thanks!
  9. David Pavlich

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    Feb 11, 2004
    Re: Where can I get an Alpha Axis From

    Contact Mark Gonzales at:

    I met Mark at a Tennis show, but he may not remember me. Tell him Gaines said to call! :)

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    Thank you!
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    Apr 15, 2004
    Laserfibre is the way to go. Products are excellent, customer service is exceptional you can't go wrong.
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    I think I will.

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