chop and slice opponent

Geezer Guy

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Slices & Chops often come with very little pace. Get to the net and volley them away.

Do NOT play from be baseline and try to patty-cake the ball back.


Yes I know the type, so consistent, its hard. Maybe if you try slicing the ball back it will be awkward for them!


The best way to beat a person that slices and chops alot (I bet he hits dropshots too) is to:

1. Anticipate the ball. Pay close attention to his racket face. Usually before slicing, he will square his hitting arm to slice through tha ball.
2. Be quick on your feet. Be prepare the run towards the ball and hit a return.
3. When your opponent slices the ball, it will either be deep or short, and very low to the ground. Once you get to the ball, slice it back deep or angled towards his BH side.
4. Attack the net and cover the angled return.

Anticipate the slice and chop. Be prepare to run down the ball upon detection. Return the ball with another slice or chop to his BH side and converge onto the net to cover the return.

Kaptain Karl

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Good tips above. Another thing to try is approach with slice up the middle. This cuts down on the angles the Chop Shot Artist can use.

(When I write "up the middle" I don't necessarily mean "up the T." Approach with a slice right at the Chopper's feet. He'll have to get out of his own way before he even *thinks* about what to do with the ball....)

- KK
No matter what kind of opponent you are playing, tennis comes down
to the basic strategy of hitting deep top-spin shots and keeping your your
opponent behind the baseline. Your slice opponent is no exception to this
general rule.

Once you have him pinned behind the baseline, take the net and pick off his
next slice shot with an angled volley for the winner.


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Deep topspin is one kind of strategy but not the only one that can work against a slicer. You can hit slice approach shots or hit low short slice that brings your opponent to net. Hitting deep topspin is not the only answer as some opponents will like camping out at the baseline and returning topspin balls. I know I do and I am a slicer. I would recommend approaching to my sliced forehand side or bring me to net and then passing me on my weaker backhand volley side.