Chuck Berry died today


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As influential as any artist on the rock n roll genre and a total showman. He was 90 and had been active touring well into his 80's. RIP.


Ah, tough news.

Love the music. Love the man.

Brilliant songwriter; fabulous performer; all around had the goods.

Back in the 1980s I remember spending some time trying to convince a friend to throw his guitar in the back of my car with mine, and we'd drive down to St. Louis, knock on his door and see if he'd play with us for five minutes.


Years ago, when George Thorogood was asked why he was just doing cover songs and not writing his own, he said, "Because Chuck Berry already wrote all the good ones."
He also said, "Without Chuck, you're outa luck."


I used to play in a band and I've played a LOT of post-1955 music, and it's tough to write the kinds of songs Chuck Berry wrote: they need to be concise lyrically and musically direct and tuneful. The only comparable to him is Hank Williams (the first and best one, imho), albeit he's of course CW/country swing. The early Beatles and early Motown stuff also excelled in this area, as well as a few tin pan alley outputs.


you know what? i dont care anymore - a lot of good people died, they just are not so famous...**** all the celebrities - lets just stop talking about them because they are nothing more than regular people.

rip all


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Nothing against John Lennon but Chuck Berry commands the stage..Tall, dark, handsome ..Great hair, dancing..his guitar..a real ORIGINAL a LEGEND..It's a credit to John (already a legend) that he knows his place and bows to this great man..
ps i love the raw live sound of the phony overdone studio fakery..just real presence