Cincinnati - the real Slam

They say life is pain. Is it more painful to watch the Nadal win or see increased activity by Octo and that truly horrific profile pic?

Or is it more painful to watch Muzziah folks talking up the second coming of their guy before the inevitable early-round beatdown, or to watch them dealing with his retirement by waging some holy war to inflate his importance in tennis history?
Could be worse

Could be talk about no big titles Keith or no big titles Milos or no titles at all Felix or as good in real slams as Tennys Sandgren Dominic


If anyone ever dare question why @sureshs transcends everything....this GOAT thread that he made 11 years ago became even GOATier now as Cincy truly is playing in a slam venue....

I wonder if readers of Sureshs at the USTA thought - This is our chance to make it the REAL slam for real! LOL