Cincy Draw sucks now


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Not on purpose (but maybe), but Rafa dropping Cincy was very beneficial on his part, as he blocks Djoker or Fed from points (possibly a significant amount too).

Tourneys really should force the players to make a decision before Sunday that way they can rearrange some things if need be.

Don't think Rafa really cares or thinks about (and shouldn't have to) it this way, but it will likely benefit him.

This also hurts the tourney and draw now, as Fed v Djoker final would be a pretty good showdown after recent events.


now, everybody suck in the draw. give it to novak and lets go to next week


But the draw will look the same at USO. There are no hard draws these days for Djoker and Rafa. Put them in the final now, no one is in their way.
But that’s simply not true. Nadal’s draw last year at USO was just insane, it would’ve been very, very close even for peak Big3 members.


Nadal screwed the draw first. Kind of asked Fed and Djoko to go at it in the SF.

Fed not falling for that trap.


To be honest consistency wise there are only djokovic and nadal who are doing great in past year or so in tennis even federer has been streaky but thats fine considering his age