Clash 100 V2


Absolutely love this frame. Played with the original Clash for two years due to elbow issues. While it wasn’t my favorite performing racquet it was fun to use and most importantly it allowed me to play pain free.

I tried the TF40 recently and loved the frame but in the minimal time I used it I could feel my elbow asking me what I was doing. So, that is why you see it listed on the for sale board.

So then I went with Clash 100 V2 and it just may be the best frame I have ever used. It is comfortable, maneuverable, has solid power, great spin, and most importantly it is consistent and reliable. When using the original Clash 100 I was always hesitant to go big as the Clash was unreliable and too much meant goodbye. This new V2 is stable, and just feels like you cannot miss, whether you go with a heavy ball or flatten it out and go down the line for a winner.


I just picked up a V1 for elbow issues because several reviews say the V2 is stiffer (not necessarily in the yoke, but elsewhere in the frame). Would you say they are equivalent in elbow friendliness? Or only still better than most with a discernable difference between V1 and V2?