"CLASSIC RACQUET TALK" finally makes main Index page:)


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So "CLASSIC RACQUET TALK" finally makes the main Index page, better late than never:)

So at last it will be more visible for all to see!

Well done to everyone for providing so much great info so far about Classic Racquets. Am looking forward to reading lots more great stuff here in the future:)


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I was just trying to find this section in the Racquets section... and couldn't find it! :)

Yes, I couldn't find it just now, but I really think it will now be more visible for most people here, at least I hope so:)
This is just the beginning...do you understand Modern Racquets...do you!? It might seem like a small step to make the main index page, but let me tell you something Modern Racquets, it's just a matter of time until the collision...IN A STEEL CAGE BROTHER.

Fearsome Forehand

Finally, a classic racket section for us classic racket ****s.

I feel so utterly validated. No longer are we relegated to a mere sub-section. :)


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Jimbo, a lot more to come from my side if i can find the time... :p
Well your info and photos have been of the very best on here, certainly looking forward to seeing more:)

I too have been very busy, expect an email in next few days:)


A big thumbs-up

I think this is great -- a promotion! All of you who post here so regularly should be proud that your contributions have been recognized. The section will be more accessible to everyone here on the main page, and should continue to grow.

I also hope we get more photos -- it's always great to see examples of people's collections.

coachrick, I didn't know you were so familiar with "Ginnie." :) But no notification is necessary -- she's the one who started this thread.


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I like the old way also. Maybe the link should appear in both places.
I personally think it's in a better place now than previously, and hope everyone finds the info here as useful as I've found it over the last couple of years. There really are some great threads in this section:)