Classic Wilson Racquets


Got me several classics from Wilson - Graphite Agressor, Graphite Matrix and Pro Avenger 93. Will be glad to hear any information about them - the year of issue, production years, were they the top models or not, did the players use them or not, playing specificities, etc.


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old frames, not classic in the batch. it is amazing the number of frames that were produced in those days

Tennis Dunce

I will admit I'm a huge fan of the Graphite Aggressor Widebody era sticks, they play better than any ten dollar racquet in the world, there's just something about them, all 3 paintjobs, especially the really pretty bright blue one. Nowadays, they fetch like 20-25 apiece, they are the only 90s Wilson widebodies (high beam series and later) that pass for 'pro', (other than the reclusive Prostaff 6.0 Sampras signature widebodies...serving juggernauts!) Something about the marriage of graphite and quality fiberglass makes this cheapie shine!