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Hi Talk Tennis Users!

Please use this thread to ask questions regarding the Classifieds section. Before you post, please make sure to read the following two stickies:

Why has my ad not posted?:


Almost all questions should be answered in there. If you do not see your question/answer, you can post it here. Please note these posts are also moderated and can take up to 24 hours to post on weekdays (weekend posts on Monday).

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I tried posting an ad for a racquet I own and you stated it was deleted because you only allow ads of used personal equipment. I own it, it is used, I dont quite understand.
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We offer the Classifieds section of our message board as a free service for members to buy, sell and trade equipment they have personally used. Items that are collectibles and/or pro stock are not deemed eligible. We would recommend trying to sell your racquet on an auction site.

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Now that we have the "new look", will the searched results ever go back to the way they used to chronological order with most recent up first?
If you use the advanced search you will have the ability to sort by date...apparently the standard search defaults to relevance instead of date which is not useful in my opinion. It should default to date.


Can you give sellers an option to delete their thread so that when they sell their item they can delete it and it not go to the top of page 1?

Every ad is individually moderated. You will get that message while the ad is awaiting moderation. Ads typically take up to 24 hours to moderate on the weekdays and all ads submitted on the weekend will be moderated on Monday. If your ad was not approved, it will be deleted and we send an email with an explanation why. If you are not receiving the email, please check your preferences to make sure you have that option enabled. Your ad is being denied because the rating is too high. Please check out this sticky for more information:

Brittany, TW
TW Staff,

I tried to post a FS thread for an autographed tennis cap, I believe that it was this past Saturday. I was certain that I followed all the proper procedures and it was "pending approval" until a few days ago when I wasn't able to locate it and it hasn't posted.

If I accidentally omitted something that was required or made some other error, I do apologize.

If you can please let me know what I need to do in order to have my item posted in the FS forum, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Jim Gatto