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Discussion in 'Odds & Ends' started by retlod, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. retlod

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    Oct 6, 2009
    I don't know about most of you, but there have to be some TW posters out there who browse the classifieds regularly, looking to scoop up a second frame or an "extended demo." I am one of them. Lately, there have been some really frustratingly stupid trends emerging over in that section, and I really just needed to rant about it. Below are my gripes. Do you agree? Did I miss any?

    1. Post doesn't give a sale price but poster says he/she will "accept offers." C'mon. Do some research and find out how much your frame is worth, or just put a price on it. If you want to tease people and auction it off to the highest bidder, there's a site for that.

    2. Price is ridiculously high. No, I'm not complaining about highly sought-after, barely used frames selling for 75% of retail. I'm complaining about stuff like this: last week someone was selling an 8/10 Babolat Pure Drive 2012 for $180. $180!!! Whhaaat?! Or I could buy a brand spanking new one for $9 more! Did you just land on planet Earth? Beating up a frame for 4 months takes just 5% of its value away? Someone simply buying it but never using it devalues it more than 5%!

    3. Post fails to mention the grip size. It's as if these people don't realize that grips come in different sizes! This information is more crucial than condition when deciding whether or not to buy a frame. If I want a 9/10 frame, I could probably live with an 8.5/10, but if I want a 5/8, there is no way I'd ever buy a 1/4.

    4. "Wanted" threads in the "For Sale/Trade" section.

    Huge thanks to TW for even allowing the Classifieds section to exist. I wish there were such nice forums out there for other gearhead hobbies...and that people could muster some brain power before they posted ads. :)
  2. ollinger

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    Nov 24, 2004
    New Jersey
    No specified price? No problem! Ever more easy to get things rolling with a lowball offer. The guy might not have any idea what he should be asking -- advantage to you! Price ridiculously high? No problem! Next ad, please. Haven't seen too many ads that fail to mention grip size, in my own experience. No, the only thing that drives me crazy about ads is the large number of people who tell you they're ready to buy what you're selling, everything is fine, and then you never hear from them again
  3. MAXXply

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    May 29, 2008
    5. Sellers who insist on "CONUS" shipping only, then bump their threads a few days later for lack of (domestic) interest. There are many of us who'd willingly pay you your asking price PLUS the extra overseas shipping to buy your unwanted gear if you'd give us a chance.

    6. Not a gripe but I enjoy a bit of laugh at the attempts by certain sellers to sell their rackets at ridiculous prices, only to hastily reduce the prices almost daily, to the point that I hope they reduce to $0 in a matter of days.

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