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Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by cork_screw, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Jul 2, 2008
    Not so much into trends, but this one seems to be ongoing. Ferrer seems to be good enough to beat most any challengers he encounters on clay. But when it comes to finals, he always loses to Nadal pretty handedly. Before the clay season started I always knew ferrer was an incredibly good clay court player, but now it's becoming redundant, what happens in the third act. Granted if Ferrer wasn't in the finals, I can't see anyone to threaten Nadal. For some reason the last two clay seasons (including this one) have become absolutely boring to watch. There is no drama, no doubt, or anticipation. This isn't Federer dominating hard courts during his prime. He would have random stray cats who would beat him and you never felt he was invincible. Nadal on the other hand feels bulletproof. It seems like he's been this way for the past few years and it's continuing. I'm a firm believer in nothing lasts forever, but I can't see anything bucking this trend unless Nadal gets injured or fatigued anytime soon. Don't want that to happen too, but I'm just yearning for some exciting clay tournies. Nobody can touch this guy at the moment, he's too good.
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    o_O Federer would lose 4 to 5 times a YEAR. Almost ALL to Rafa. I can't believe how many people are complaining that Rafa dominates this 1 part of the season every year, when Federer used to win EVERYTHING and no one complained. Domination is good for tennis, whether it's Nadal, Federer, the Williams sisters, Navritilova, or Sampras. Id much rather watch a great consistent player win everything than a bunch of random players that won't back up their wins.
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    Nadal is THE top tier clay court player. He's much better than anyone in the next tier (Federer, Ferrer, Almagro, Soderling, etc.) In fact, he may be the most successful CC player ever and he's still a good 5 years from retirement age. That's the reality and it won't change any time soon, barring injury, death, retirement or some unknown catastrophe.

    Since April of 2005, Nadal has lost a grand total of 4 matches on clay, IIRC.
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    actually, there were some people who have said that roger was boring them to death during the time that he was dominating. i remember some people celebrating nalbandian beating him in the 05 wtf and canas beating him at consecutive masters tournaments (indian wells and miami).

    domination can be a good and a bad thing. it's a good thing because you often see consistent quality tennis from one player. but sometimes, you feel like the other players are psyched out even before the match against the dominant player starts, so even if the top player isn't bringing his best that day, he still wins because the other player doesn't really believe he can win. it's not so interesting to watch when you can sense that the underdog doesn't put a up a challenge. when federer was dominating, you almost never saw nadal have this attitude against him, even when they were playing on surfaces other than clay; which is why people were so into their rivalry from early on. djokovic is another player who isn't intimidated by those two. we haven't seen him on clay yet, and it will be interesting to see what he can do against nadal on clay this year.
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    I think what has happened with clay is that no one is able to challenge Nadal, Federers challenge to Nadal has faded, when we saw Madrid 2009 and we quickly thought Djoko would eventually get Nadal but to be honest despite his ability and potential he quickly faded too, the we switched our attention to Soderling but after RG 2010 people quickly realised that whatever happened the previous year was not likely to be repeated often and that Rafa still remained the superior player.

    The problem with clay at the moment is not that Nadal wins everything, its that no one even pushes him, however as I keep saying we haven't seen Federer yet and whilst Im no longer a fan of him, you cannot deny that he is one of the all time greats and when determined he is a challenge to ANYBODY on ANY surface.

    Also we need to see how it plays out when and if Djoko meets Nadal on clay, due to his two back to back wins Nadal may be tentative, so he could be vulnerable?

    However we are Only 2 tournaments in with 3 to play and THE most important in RG to come so we shall have to wait and see what happens!
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    Domination Good for Tennis????

    You have partaken of too much Mallorcan Kool-Aid! Tennis had its most recent prime when we had a string of multiple major winners facing each other year after year. Anybody who says Fedal or Djokdal tennis is better for the overall health of the sport than ConnBorgMacVilasWilanLendlEdberg etc. tennis has had too much hero worship as part of a daily routine!
  7. Manus Domini

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    Jan 10, 2010
    I'd rather have two or three players vying for each independent slam and variety existed.

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