Clay is most like...

Is clay courts like a baseball or softball field? I really don't know and I'm just curious. Some one has to make some clay courts in Chicago!:evil:


iver seen clay in chicago
it was in highland park actually
they were green
they might have been hardtru though


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clay courts, to my understanding, are made from crushed brick, esentially. I doubt this is also what soft ball fields are made of.


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Years ago there was a club in Elk Grove that had clay courts that seemed to made with material similar to a baseball infield. They were terrible. Lol, Patty Fendick was there practicing for the FO.

In Rocklin there are some clay courts made from clay imported from Europe. Those are heavenly, like night and day.
Actually, unless I'm mistaken, for Roland Garros, thay actually bust up and grind clay pottery into the clay dirt that we see on T.V. I know that not all clay courts go thru the same process, or even use the same material.


green clay (har-tru) is grittier, grainier, softer, more friction upon tennis ball contact than a tennis ball bouncing on a baseball infield.

Baseball fields are finer, dustier, and harder

When you slide on har-tru you don't kick up a cloud of dust, you simply cause grains to move, whereas sliding on a baseball infield you push more fine material into the air.

Hope that helps.



the above link goes to a Youtube video of the 1958 clay court tournament in River Forest.

Nice clay courts in Peoria, free to the public. I think on the near north side, near DePaul, there are some courts by the el. This might be a club or a university club.

It's worth playing on. If you really give it a try, you may well end up loving it. Clay's great.
one last thing that I've been wondering. What are the lines on a clay court. Like are they painted, though I doubt it because they would have to re-paint them ever 2 min. Or are they like a plastic tape or something???? just wondering


I believe there are a couple clay courts on or near the University of Chicago campus. At least there were a few years ago.

I have never played on a clay court but I believe a baseball infield has softer and much finer grain clay than a clay court.


I think describing them as white shingles might be inaccurate. It's more like a heavy piece of white plastic tape, with aluminum nails to keep it down. Some places use a line striper, which puts down chalk.