Cliff nice call w/ Martin-Roddick..Your get'in old my friend


:roll: At 1-1 in the 3rd Cliff notes that, "between these 2 players (Martin-Roddick)there's alot of sportsmanship and they will never question the others call" At the end of the set-match- Martin scolds Roddick at the the net for questioning his decision to slice a backhand then not return AROD's shot and walk to the mark that was clearly out. Who was right is debatable but Cliff is getting up there when within 40 minutes his smoothering praise is chewed up and spat out at the net........... :oops: :oops: :oops:

david aames

With Enberg on board, I'd bet Cliff will do the CHOPPER before the end of this year's FO.

One of Enberg's rants yesterday: "The red clay of RG is the graveyard of american hopes" or something in that sense. They sure need all the help they can get from PMAC to keep those Roddick's fans on board... What a precious ass.


Drysdale should know better than saying the words "Roddick" and "will not question line calls" in one sentence. He will be disproved.
Stolle is is pretty funny, however sometimes speaks his mind without thinking. I remember an indoor match between Sampras and Chang years ago and during the match Cliff says "I believe that Chang will be top 5 in the next few years" and Fred says "yeah right!!" Lol.


Cliff will always the be the owner of the classic line a few years ago:

"Michelob, because so much is riding on your tires."